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Karen and I welcome you to the website of St Michael's Church, Stoke Gifford.

We're a lively, growing Anglican church on the outskirts of Bristol. We're an outward-looking church "living to make a difference" by being a "Christian heart at the centre of the community".

Throughout this website you'll find three values surfacing time and again: discipleship, outreach and serving the community. We're passionate about these three activities as key features in the Christian life.

We're committed to making disciples locally, to inspire others to do the same regionally and to work for transformation nationally.

Enjoy exploring the website. We love to build friendships in church, develop community, seek God and step out in faith. Pop in and see us at our Sunday services for worship, teaching and prayer. Or in the week, why not visit our fantastic coffee shop?

We've recently produced a new short video bringing us up to date with the amazing progress of our ambitious Heart of the Community project. 

You can see more film clips from the series, in the Heart of the Community pages of this website.

Please enjoy the community online, and in the real world too!

God bless,

Revds Si & Karen Jones

Team Rector & Associate Minister

Latest Church news

Adult Baptism

Last Sunday 28th June, saw the first use of our baptistry in the new St Michael’s Centre.  With 2 Church family members being baptised and one re-affirming her baptism vows.  It was a really great occasion, and fantastic to see the baptistry in use.

More photos can be seen on our Facebook page


Open Air Service – Sunday 28th June

Each summer we hold an outdoor whole-church celebration on the village green.

As well as worshipping together, we bring and share picnics and stay to chat and play games together afterwards.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for all our congregations and visitors to be together at once (and until very recently, with the opening of the St Michael’s Centre, this was our only opportunity to do so)

Open air service

11.00am Sunday 28th June

The Village Green, Stoke Gifford

Please note – the open air celebration at 11.00am replaces all our other morning services (9.00am in the church building and 10.30am in the St Michael’s Centre) for this one Sunday only.


All Together Now

To help fulfil our vision of living to make a difference we’ve spent the last three weeks praying and trusting God with our new Heart of the Community fundraising appeal – All Together Now.

Everyone who belongs to St Michael’s Church is invited to play a part in this initiative. And this is the week in which we are pledging our new levels of financial giving to the project.

The details of the appeal, and the most urgent need for donations, are explained in the leaflet that was given out in church last week. You can view an online copy of the All Together Now leaflet here:

All Together Now image

The reason we are focusing on new and increased levels of giving right now is that decisions about next steps of the building work need to be taken at the start of next week. The more work we can complete at this stage, the more money we save in the long term, and the sooner we can make even more of a difference.

Please read through the information carefully, pray about the right level of support to offer and trust God to provide for each of us and the difference our gifts can make through the Heart of the Community project.

It’s worth mentioning that some members of the church are already making remarkable sacrifices to give so generously to the project. And that those who are unable to increase their giving should feel under no pressure at all.

The All Together Now appeal is simply an invitation for the rest of us to play a bigger part in this miracle. In particular…

Those who haven’t been able to give yet – some of us weren’t in a position to support the project financially when it launched in 2012. But we can now pray about how much we should give.

Those who are new to St Michael’s Church – some of us have only recently heard about the project, and we can now start to consider the right level of giving.

Those who are now able to increase their giving – some of us are in a better financial position than in 2012 and we can now pray about the right amount by which to increase our giving.

Pledge forms were given out in church last Sunday. They will be available again this Sunday or you can download a copy here:

pledge form image

​We are all invited to make our pledges before the end of church this Sunday. There will be an opportunity to give our pledge forms within each of the services and celebrations, or we can drop them into the church office or email details of our pledge now to finance@stmichaelsbristol.org

Remember that time and again God shows us that when we dare to trust Him more, we see amazing results.
All together now

Pray Trust Give

Bishop Mike dedicates new church centre

The Bishop of Bristol, Mike Hill, officially dedicated the new church and community centre in Stoke Gifford this weekend. It means the building is now licensed by the Church of England to be used for worship, baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Bishop Mike dedicates the new church and community centre

Bishop Mike presented the formal documents for the dedication to the congregation of St Michael’s at the evening celebration on Sunday 10 May 2015.

Licence documents presented to congregstion


George Lord, a retired member of the local community, received the licence on behalf of everyone who worships at St Michael’s Church.

The first sections of the new building are now open, with the ground floor of the main auditorium seating over 300 people. Fundraising continues for the final phase of the project – to complete the rest of the community facilities, improve the historic church building, refurbish the old school rooms and support outreach projects elsewhere in the UK and around the world.

The occasion is also covered in this article on the Diocese of Bristol website.


Everyone is welcome at St Michael’s. We offer a very wide range of activities and worship services in order that people from across the community can find a place to belong.

These are some examples of the kind of places where it’s easy to find a home. But there’s plenty more to explore in our full list of activities.

 Life groups

Many church members meet regularly in smaller groups for conversation, bible study, prayer and discussion. These life groups provide a chance to get to know each other better and to grow together in our faith. Very often they also provide excellent cake. (More...   )

 The Alpha Course

AlphaAlpha is a relaxed, fun and informative way to share your thoughts and explore the meaning of life. 18 million people have done the Alpha Course around the world. It’s designed primarily for people who don't go to church or who haven't been to church in a long time and are interested in the Christian faith. (More...   )


There are always opportunities to volunteer within the life of St Michael’s. It’s one of the best ways in which we can fulfil our vision of living to make a difference. If you have a talent for gardening or music or hospitality (or just about anything) then there’s probably an opportunity for you to make a difference. We would love to hear from you. (More...   )

 Messy church

This is church for those who find sitting still and being quiet unthinkable. Once a month we throw open the doors of Messy Church on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s for primary school children and their families. Fun, paint, craft, noisy singing, cutting, sticking, playing and making a mess are actively encouraged. (More...   )

 Traditional worship

Many people find a more traditional approach to worship most helpful. Our 9.00am service each Sunday morning is well suited to those who enjoy the hymns and liturgy of the Anglican tradition. And on the first Sunday of each month we gather for Evensong at 5.00pm. (More...   )

 Youth events

There’s always a stack of activity on offer for young people at St Michael's. Joel, Jimmy and the youth team are constantly on the look out for opportunities to have a laugh, try something new and to demonstrate that being a Christian means life is more exciting, not less. (More...   )

 The Coffee Shop

If this choice of activities feels a bit demanding, then the Old School Rooms Coffee Shop may be just what you're looking for.  A relaxing meeting place in the heart of the village, which serves the most delicious range of drinks, cakes and light lunches.  The Coffee Shop is the place to take it easy. (More...   )


This is a just a small selection of the opportunities to belong that we provide as a church. You can also browse a full list of all our regular activities or keep up with news of the latest events organised by members of St Michael’s Church.


Prayer is central to everything we do at St Michael’s. It’s about putting our trust in God’s safe hands. There are daily opportunities to pray, and to be prayed for, as part of the life of the church and our desire to serve the community.


Morning prayer

A short time of prayer is held at 9.10am every Monday in the Old School Rooms, and on Wednesday and Friday mornings in the church building. Everyone is welcome to join us to pray.

Prayer in church

At most of our church services there is an opportunity to receive prayer for you or a friend whether for healing or any other need. The person leading will usually offer anyone the chance to be prayed for towards the end of the service.

Receive prayer

More in-depth listening and prayer ministry is available during the week at our prayer surgery.
Please contact us for more details.

How to pray

This is one of the key topics for discussion on the Alpha Course. If you would like to explore questions like this, and any other issues of life, in a non-pressurised, informative discussion, the Alpha Course runs three times a year at St Michael’s. Everyone is welcome.

The way Jesus taught his friends to pray

Our Father in Heaven

Hallowed be your name

Your kingdom come

Your will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us today our daily bread

Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us

Lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from evil

For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours

Now and forever