Sunday services
Messy church
Baptisms & Weddings

Sunday services

At St Michael’s we hold three main church services every Sunday, and quite a few others besides. Each service has a slightly different style and feel, enabling as many people as possible to find a helpful way to worship together.

9.00am service

Our first service on a Sunday morning is more traditional in its style. We gather at 9 o'clock in the church building. On the first Sunday of each month this is a service of Morning Prayer. The 9 o'clock service on all other Sundays includes communion. The service is usually finished soon after 10.00am and coffee is then served in the Old School Rooms. (More...)

10.30am service

There’s a more contemporary feel to the 10.30 service. Lively worship is led by a band. This is our most popular service for families with children. In fact, so many people come each week that we now meet in our new church and community centre auditorium. The service starts at 10.30 with the whole congregation – all ages – worshiping together. Then at about 10.50 the children all gather in the Old School Rooms for a variety of supervised groups and activities, and the adults stay in the auditorium for more worship, teaching and prayer together. (More...)

6.30pm celebration

The evening service is the most informal of the three. Teaching, sung worship, prayer and times of sharing are regularly included, but there is no formal order of service. This is also held in the new auditorium of the church and community centre (More...)


On the first Sunday of each month a more traditional service of Evensong is held in the church building at 5.00pm. (More...)

Messy Church

Messy church does what it says on the tin. This is church for people who find sitting still and being quiet impossible. It’s fun, there’s noise, we make stuff, there’s food and there’s lots of mess.


Messy church is held on the first Wednesday of each month at 4pm in the Old School Rooms.


Crafts, painting, games, making, cutting, sticking, singing, stories, a meal, lots of mess.


Messy church is for families.

How much

There’s no charge for messy church, but donations to cover the cost of food and craft materials are always welcome.


Kainos is a monthly youth gathering for the North Bristol area. Dozens of young people and their youth leaders come together for an evening of relaxation, creativity and celebration.

The word kainos is Greek for ‘new’ or ‘fresh’. Kainos youth celebration is a fresh and yet authentic way of worshipping God for a younger generation.

It all takes place in the Old School Rooms.

The café opens at 6pm and provides a place for people to hang out and connect with other Christians from the area. It's also a safe place for people to bring their friends.

The celebration starts at 7pm. There's band-led worship, space for creative prayer and art, relevant biblical talks and opportunity to receive prayer.

In addition to the celebration, we provide and promote mission opportunities across the area so that we can put our faith into practice.

Kainos is made up of young people from various churches in the North Bristol area.

There’s loads more info on the Kainos website.

Weddings & Baptisms

One of the joys of life at St Michael’s is in making people welcome at times of family celebration.  


St Michael's Church makes a stunning wedding venue.  It has done for centuries. And this year we are holding our first marriage ceremony in the auditorium of the St Michael's Centre. The church office will be glad to discuss all the options for your big day. Do get in touch to talk it through. In the meantime you can also look at this dedicated Church of England website for more information on having a Church wedding. If you are looking to have your Banns of Marriage called please contact the church office.   Wedding day  


Dozens of people are baptised (or "Christened") at St Michael's every year, either as infants or when they are old enough to choose to be baptised for themselves. Some people book the church for their own family baptism service; others choose to be baptised during one of a regular weekly services.  We have even had families baptised during our monthly Messy Church services on a Wednesday afternoon.  For more information about Baptisms within the Church of England, take a look at this website.   If you would like to talk about being baptised, or having your child baptised, please contact the church office to discuss any of these possibilities.






On the sad occasion of the death of a friend or family member, support, prayer and help with planning a funeral at St Michael’s can make a real difference.

Our leadership team is experienced at caring for the bereaved, and always willing to work with individuals and families to prepare for a funeral, cremation, burial or memorial service that is sensitive and fitting.

If you would like to speak to someone about the different options for funeral services, or if you would like prayer or support at any stage of grief, then do please get in touch.