Imagine the difference

Imagine the difference


Every part of the Heart of the Community project is designed to make a difference…

…a difference to the lives of people living here, to the life of the church and to the lives of those in need.

There is already a demand for more meeting spaces for community and church activities. Our community survey highlighted a particular need for places to meet, activities for the young and provision for the elderly.

We have lots of ideas for creative new ways in which the project will flourish as we meet more of those needs. But everyone is welcome to imagine the difference these new facilities could make when we all play a part in the life of the project.


George Lord, an active older member of the community, puts it like this…



This is just the beginning

These are just a few of the benefits the Heart of the Community project offers.

As our vision of living to make a difference grows, so will this list of good things… 


Expanded youth work for hundreds of young people

More provision, care and events for the elderly

Increased support for the disadvantaged and those in debt

Greater capacity for community, performance and arts events

A wider welcome and support for university students

Readiness for the local population increase

Space to extend our collaboration with schools, community groups and other churches

Our historic church building protected for generations to come

Resources to share with charities and wider regional organisations

Stronger partnerships and support for aid and outreach charities in the UK and overseas

A welcoming, thriving, sharing community that is truly living to make a difference