24/7 Prayer Week

4th –  11th September is a week of  Prayer at St Michael’s. 

We’re really excited to be opening up a 24/7 Prayer Room for the very first time, and are inviting everyone to take part.  

What’s a Prayer Room?

It’s dedicated space for prayer, for a whole week.  There will be lots of resources to help you pray, in whatever way you want.

Who can get involved?

Everyone!  You can sign-up as a group, or on your own.  You can pray with people you know, or people you might not have met yet.  You can pray if you’re a new Christian, or if you’ve been a Christian for many years.  Prayer works and we’d love everyone to take part.


It’s an invitation to go deeper with God,  And as a church, to pray persistently for a whole week. It’s an event which will set markers for the future.

 What do I pray about?

You can pray about anything that’s on your heart.  There’ll be prompts in the room to help you, and we have suggested focuses of:

¨ Our church

¨ Our community

¨ The persecuted church and the world

¨ Mission partners

¨ Ourselves

How do I pray for an hour?

If an hours seems like a long time, don’t worry!  We’ll have some resources from the 24/7 Prayer organisation to give suggestions on splitting up 60 minutes. 

There will also be creative prayer stations and the opportunity to worship. 


Will the Prayer Room be open overnight as well?

Yes!  We ask that from 10pm—6pm there are at least 2 people at any one time in the room.  The building will be secure, and we’ll issue specific access details to those who sign-up to slots outside of office hours.


How do I get involved?

You can sign up on the sign-up sheets in the foyer of the  St Michael’s Centre, or contact the Church office. You can email us your preferred time, or give us a call to check and sign up for you.  We’d love to fill every hour slot, so please sign-up!

You can also sign-up online here.

Simon“I’m inviting you to join us to pray. 24-7 Prayer Rooms are an international movement to help people learn to pray by praying. There are prayer rooms all over the world at the moment. Our prayer room ‘goes live’ from 4th – 11th Sept. It will be a place for our Church community to join together to seek God’s face; to pray every hour for a whole week. We believe that prayer makes a difference. Things change when we pray. Why not sign up to pray for an hour or two during this week? Why not count yourself in to this? Your prayer matters.”

Simon Jones, Team Rector.