All Together Now

To help fulfil our vision of living to make a difference we’ve spent the last three weeks praying and trusting God with our new Heart of the Community fundraising appeal – All Together Now.

Everyone who belongs to St Michael’s Church is invited to play a part in this initiative. And this is the week in which we are pledging our new levels of financial giving to the project.

The details of the appeal, and the most urgent need for donations, are explained in the leaflet that was given out in church last week. You can view an online copy of the All Together Now leaflet here:

All Together Now image

The reason we are focusing on new and increased levels of giving right now is that decisions about next steps of the building work need to be taken at the start of next week. The more work we can complete at this stage, the more money we save in the long term, and the sooner we can make even more of a difference.

Please read through the information carefully, pray about the right level of support to offer and trust God to provide for each of us and the difference our gifts can make through the Heart of the Community project.

It’s worth mentioning that some members of the church are already making remarkable sacrifices to give so generously to the project. And that those who are unable to increase their giving should feel under no pressure at all.

The All Together Now appeal is simply an invitation for the rest of us to play a bigger part in this miracle. In particular…

Those who haven’t been able to give yet – some of us weren’t in a position to support the project financially when it launched in 2012. But we can now pray about how much we should give.

Those who are new to St Michael’s Church – some of us have only recently heard about the project, and we can now start to consider the right level of giving.

Those who are now able to increase their giving – some of us are in a better financial position than in 2012 and we can now pray about the right amount by which to increase our giving.

Pledge forms were given out in church last Sunday. They will be available again this Sunday or you can download a copy here:

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​We are all invited to make our pledges before the end of church this Sunday. There will be an opportunity to give our pledge forms within each of the services and celebrations, or we can drop them into the church office or email details of our pledge now to

Remember that time and again God shows us that when we dare to trust Him more, we see amazing results.
All together now

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