Two new Alpha Courses starting now

There are two Alpha courses about to start at St Michael’s. 

Alpha is for everyone who wants to explore life’s big questions. It includes food, a short talk about the Christian faith and time in small groups to discuss what you’ve just heard and to share your thoughts.

Do you have questions about God, Jesus or Christianity? Is the God you hear about not one that matches up to your experience? Is everything you hear about Christianity sounding like a lot of nonsense and you could do with some clarity? Have you ever wanted to do an Alpha course but just not got round to it yet?  Would you like someone to cook you a meal on a Tuesday evening, or bake you a cake on a Thursday morning?  

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Alpha is for you.

We’re running 2 courses which are basically the same, just at different times to suit different people. One on Tuesday evenings which includes a meal, and one on Thursday mornings which includes coffee and cake – it also includes a crèche.

Come to a taster session (no obligation to sign up for the whole course) to find out more on either

Tuesday 24th September

7.00pm in the Old School Rooms


Thursday 26th September

10.00am in the Old School Rooms

Alpha is a safe place to discuss any questions you may have about God, and to find out more about what it is that, as a church, we believe.  All are welcome and there is no charge.