Is God still relevant in the 21st Century? Any Questions 3

Is God still relevant in the 21st Century?

Join us on 24 March at 7.30pm when we will look at this question.

Click here to get the zoom link for Wednesday 24 March

The Any Questions Series

‘Any Questions?’ gives us the chance to come together to discuss some of the big questions of life.

In a relaxed atmosphere and over zoom – so from the comfort of your own home – we will chat through the big questions that we all have and share our own experiences. And the questions will be provided by you.

There will be 4 evenings all together: one a month from January onwards, and you are welcome to as many as you’d like.

Each evening will have a different theme, which we’ll know in advance, but we want to build each evening around what you would like to discuss.

The session will include a short presentation, and break out rooms to chat through what we’ve heard. The groups will be led by people from St Michael’s church, with no agenda or expectation, offering a chance to get to know one another and to discuss the questions together.

If you could ask God one question, what would it be? Let us know what you would ask