At the heart of Christmas

We all love a good story right? I was given a birthday gift of a poster that contained a ‘bucket list’ of a hundred films that simply must be seen before departing this life!

From James Bond to the marvel universe, movies convey stories of hope, rescue, love and redemption.

And right at the heart of a good story is the hero. Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Captain Marvel and Black widow. All captivate us with their flawed natures and flowing capes.

At the heart of Christmas is another hero. A hero unlike any other. A hero with no flaws or failings. A hero who gave His name to the festival. A hero who would lay down His life for his friends. A hero who could not be defeated by death.

This Christmas I am praying this prayer: “Lord Jesus, may I find space in the middle of this busy, chaotic, celebratory Christmas season to make You my hero once more.”

Have a lovely Christmas and a restful new year,

God bless,

Revd Canon Simon Jones

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