Associate Youth Minister Vacancy – Discipleship Team Leader

We are looking to appoint an Associate Youth Minister to start work this autumn

We are recruiting a Discipleship Team Leader to help young people in Bristol become life-long disciples of Jesus. The role is part of our established training package to be completed alongside a relevant qualification of your choice up to degree level, and will be well supported by our Youth Minister and Outreach Team Leader.

Training programme of 40 hours over 6 days (to include degree study time, preparation & ministry time)

Living & travel expenses covered

Accommodation with church family provided 

Subsistence of £40 per week

Flexibility to take 17 extra days off

Role reviewed annually extending up to July 2021

Start Date – 30th August 2018

Options of studying with St Mellitus, South West Youth Ministries, Moorlands college or others

Application pack

Full profiles of the vacancy and the youth work training programme at St Michael’s can be downloaded here

For more information and to apply  please contact Joel Preston in the St Michael’s Youth office.

Telephone 0117 969 2486.

Closing date for applications is 24 June

Heart of the Community Gift Day

The Heart of the Community project (HOTC) is central to our plan to be a welcoming, thriving, sharing community that is truly living to make a difference.

Our ambitions

Create St Michael’s Centre (SMC)

Refurbish and protect the church building

Upgrade the facilities at the Old School Rooms (OSR)

Support our mission partners in the UK and overseas

Our inspiration

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back, lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left.”

Isaiah 54:2-3


We are thankful to God for what has been achieved so far…

The St Michael’s Centre is open and welcomes over 23,000 people each year.

Last year’s gifts enabled the balcony to open.

We serve church groups, uniformed organisations, local and regional businesses and many more.

The Charity Commission has recently agreed to our request to release assets held in Trust to repair and improve the Old School Rooms.

£120k has been donated to mission.

We have allocated investment for the improvement and preservation of the church building.


The things we need to deliver to remain compliant each year…

Regular gifts help to pay the mortgage. The repayment of capital and interest is £155k per year.

Meet our tithe to mission commitments of £45k in 2018.

These are partly met by existing monthly giving. We need another £120k annually to properly cover these two commitments.


What we believe we are called to do for the community…

Complete the next phases of the SMC building

1. The office suite upstairs – to alleviate current office over-crowding and create more meeting space

2. The arches corridor – completing access to four large meeting rooms and storage

3. The new kitchen – adding catering and hospitality to the St Michael’s Centre

These three elements will cost in the region of £650k

Pay off a section of our mortgage loans early £115k


What we are asking now…

Gift Day was 13 May 2018

We are continuing our journey of faith with the Heart of the Community project. It’s not too late to pledge a new donation or increase your giving level.

Please pray about what you are able to give

Together, we can each play our part and complete the project. We can make even more of a difference across our community and beyond.


This appeal is an invitation…

to everyone who belongs to St Michael’s.

Those who haven’t been able to give yet…

Some of us haven’t been in a position to support the project financially before. Now we can pray about how much we should give.

Those who are new to St Michael’s…

Maybe you’ve only just heard of the project. Maybe you are here because of the project. Now is the time for you to consider your level of giving to become part of it.

Those who are able to increase their giving…

Some of us are in a better financial position than when we committed to give to the project. We can pray about how to increase the amount we give.


Pledge form and GiftAid

To make your pledge to the project please pick up a Gift Day Pledge Form from the church or download your copy here. Please return your completed pledge form to the church office by the Gift Day on Sunday 13 May 2018.

UK taxpayers can also complete a simple GiftAid form, which means the government will donate an extra 25% on top of your giving at no cost to you or the project.

If you would like to know more about any of the Heart of the Community project, how the money is spent, or help with ways to make one-off donations or arrange regular giving, please contact the church office.



St Michael’s Church Centre Limited

Registered Charity in England and Wales 1149601

New-look website for St Michael’s

Welcome to the new-look St Michael’s Church website

You are one of the first people to visit the new-look church website. We’ve spent over a year working on this design – which should make everything more accessible, particularly for those who use smartphones and tablets.

As with all updates – it will take us a little while to get used to the changes. We will all need to be a little patient as the new design settles in. Thank you for your understanding and care.


Hopefully everything you need can be found by clicking one of the 5 coloured menu buttons at the top of every page. Or you could try using the search button to find what you’re looking for. If you get stuck, please accept our apologies – we are continuing to make corrections and improvements all the time.


If there’s anything you particularly like, or dislike about the new layout and navigation – we’d love to hear from you. Similarly, if anything appears to be not working, do let us know.

Please contact us with any comment using the feedback form below.

Between us we’ll work to make the website clear, accessible, welcoming and informative for as many people as possible.

Thank you.

Feedback form

Advantages of the new website design


The underlying principle of the update to the website is to get more of the right communications, to more people, in more ways.

In the last year we have had 14,000 visitors to our website with 60% of visitors accessing the website from a mobile phone or tablet.

Responsive layout design. A major feature of the updated website is that the design is now fully responsive and will optimise the website layout to the size of the screen you are viewing it on. Making content more readable, especially on mobile phones.

Responsive text size. The website now fully responds to browsers that have adjusted the font size setting, so if you like your font size a little larger (or smaller) the website now obliges on all pages.

Menu structure. The menus have been simplified and consolidated to the top bar of the website with 5 coloured menu buttons. You will find everything you need from one of these 5 menus. The menu structure also responds to the size of the screen you are viewing it on and optimises the experience.

It’s fast. The updated website uses the very latest website scripting standards which are claimed to be 30% faster than the predecessor. So you will benefit as a visitor with faster web page load times, which means you get to see the information you came to find quicker.


Maintenance. The updated website has been built with flexibility in mind, to allow the structure of menus, headers and footers to all be updated from the admin panel without having to be web scripting ninja. You will notice that some things (e.g. church services) appear on more than one menu. This is not a mistake and is intentional to help visitors find things and it just highlights the flexibility we have with the new menu structure.

Home page. The front home page has a “priority 9” grid for the most important current communications headlines and links. This is easy to change and adapt to make the home page more dynamic and more effective in communicating key messages.

ChurchSuite. All of the events for the church that are created in ChurchSuite are now automatically imported into the website, to allow the latest events to be shown dynamically in web pages. Check out the Rhythms of Grace page under the ‘When’ section, where you can see the dates for the next events. This no longer has to be manually entered and is automatically pulled through from ChurchSuite and displayed.


The site is more secure. The updated website has been built with security in mind. Using the very latest web scripting standards, which have security at the core, combined with back-end security measures to ensure that our databases and files remain safe. This has been combined with SSL/ HTTPS encryption for the entire site so your interaction with the site is secure. Check out your address bar for the padlock sign.

Backups. The updated website has a robust backup approach to ensure that should something go wrong then the site can be up and running again with minimal downtime.

Removal of personal data. No emails or personal details are stored on website, with all correspondence now managed through contact forms. Rotas have also now been removed from the website and all rotas should now be accessed via login to ChurchSuite or through email.

It was free!

One of the best things about the updated site is that it has not cost the church anything! It has been developed entirely in-house by an enthusiastic bunch of volunteers who have a heart for communicating the good news of God’s work at St Michael’s to everyone who visits this site.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to send us any feedback using the form above.

St Michael’s Web Team

Harry and Chris

Comedy standup poetry, melody and best-matery from world champion slam poet Harry Baker and his pop-funk-soul-jazz hero best friend Chris Read. 

We can’t quite believe we’ve managed to secure this event.


Laugh, clap, cheer and laugh some more as they perform rabble-rousing favourites and preview brilliant new material ahead of their Edinburgh 2017 show.


Friday 26 May, 7.30pm, St Michael’s Centre, North Road, Stoke Gifford, Bristol, BS34 8PD

Tickets £9/£6 in advance (£10/£8 if there any still available on the door)

More details, images, video clips and love for Harry and Chris on the facebook event page.


Stand-up Poetry with Harry Baker and Chris Read

Forget everything you thought you knew about poetry. Banish the word ‘recital” from your mind. Instead, think stand-up comedy, improvised lyrics, inspiring storytelling, rap, rhythm, song, and laughter. Lots of laughter.

We’re hosting a world class stand-up poetry event in the St Michael’s Centre on Friday 26 May.

Harry Baker is an international poetry slam champion. Chris Read is his musical partner in crime. Their energetic blend of lyrics and laughs is hopeful, challenging and charming.

Click here to book your ticket now!


Click to watch an example of Harry Baker’s poetry here:


The Harry and Chris Show, with Harry Baker and Chris Read

7.30pm Friday 26 May

St Michael’s Centre, North Road, Stoke Gifford

Tickets will be on sale shortly. Price £9 / £6 in advance (£10 / £8 on the door).

Grab yours at the earliest opportunity. Their last Bristol gig sold out twice over.


All Together Now

To help fulfil our vision of living to make a difference we’ve spent the last three weeks praying and trusting God with our new Heart of the Community fundraising appeal – All Together Now.

Everyone who belongs to St Michael’s Church is invited to play a part in this initiative. And this is the week in which we are pledging our new levels of financial giving to the project.

The details of the appeal, and the most urgent need for donations, are explained in the leaflet that was given out in church last week. You can view an online copy of the All Together Now leaflet here:

All Together Now image

The reason we are focusing on new and increased levels of giving right now is that decisions about next steps of the building work need to be taken at the start of next week. The more work we can complete at this stage, the more money we save in the long term, and the sooner we can make even more of a difference.

Please read through the information carefully, pray about the right level of support to offer and trust God to provide for each of us and the difference our gifts can make through the Heart of the Community project.

It’s worth mentioning that some members of the church are already making remarkable sacrifices to give so generously to the project. And that those who are unable to increase their giving should feel under no pressure at all.

The All Together Now appeal is simply an invitation for the rest of us to play a bigger part in this miracle. In particular…

Those who haven’t been able to give yet – some of us weren’t in a position to support the project financially when it launched in 2012. But we can now pray about how much we should give.

Those who are new to St Michael’s Church – some of us have only recently heard about the project, and we can now start to consider the right level of giving.

Those who are now able to increase their giving – some of us are in a better financial position than in 2012 and we can now pray about the right amount by which to increase our giving.

Pledge forms were given out in church last Sunday. They will be available again this Sunday or you can download a copy here:

pledge form image

​We are all invited to make our pledges before the end of church this Sunday. There will be an opportunity to give our pledge forms within each of the services and celebrations, or we can drop them into the church office or email details of our pledge now to

Remember that time and again God shows us that when we dare to trust Him more, we see amazing results.
All together now

Pray Trust Give

Bishop Mike dedicates new church centre

The Bishop of Bristol, Mike Hill, officially dedicated the new church and community centre in Stoke Gifford this weekend. It means the building is now licensed by the Church of England to be used for worship, baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Bishop Mike dedicates the new church and community centre

Bishop Mike presented the formal documents for the dedication to the congregation of St Michael’s at the evening celebration on Sunday 10 May 2015.

Licence documents presented to congregstion


George Lord, a retired member of the local community, received the licence on behalf of everyone who worships at St Michael’s Church.

The first sections of the new building are now open, with the ground floor of the main auditorium seating over 300 people. Fundraising continues for the final phase of the project – to complete the rest of the community facilities, improve the historic church building, refurbish the old school rooms and support outreach projects elsewhere in the UK and around the world.

The occasion is also covered in this article on the Diocese of Bristol website.

New church and community centre in use for first time

The new St Michael’s Church and Community Centre is now in use.

The first sections of the new building are complete – with the main auditorium, the reception area, the church office and the first of several new meeting rooms all now in action.

The St Michael’s 10.30am Sunday service this weekend (26 April 2015) was held in the new auditorium and attended by over 260 people. The building was also used by 170 members of St Michael’s for our annual church weekend together.

First church service in the new centre

St Michael’s 10.30 service this weekend

The new church and community centre is part of our ambitious Heart of the Community project – which is enabling us to fulfil our vision of Living to Make a Difference. The project also includes the refurbishment of our historic church building, the upgrading of the Old School Rooms facilities next door, and funding numerous outreach and anti-poverty initiatives elsewhere in the UK and around the world.

The same site in October 2013

The same view in October 2013

The new centre has been built over the last 2 years on a derelict land in the centre of Stoke Gifford. Our fundraising efforts and our commitment to pray and trust God continue as we seek to raise the final £1.5m needed to complete the project.

In the weeks and months ahead the new space, combined with our existing facilities, will enable us to welcome, serve and provide meeting spaces for more and more people, young and old, from across this community and beyond.


10.30am & 6.30pm church services move to new auditorium

Since Sunday 26 April 2015 two of our weekly congregations have begun to worship in the new church and community centre auditorium.

10.30am service in the new auditorium


The 10.30 service now begins with everyone – all ages – worshiping together in the main auditorium. After the first 20 minutes the children and young people go to their groups in the Old School Rooms as before. (The changeover is a lot quicker now – because the dividing walls are already assembled and teaching and craft materials already in position.) The grown-ups stay in the auditorium for more worship, teaching and prayer together.

The service finishes at about 11.50am as before, when we can all share coffee, tea and biscuits in the coffee shop.


The evening congregation also now gathers in the new auditorium at 6.30pm for our most informal weekly celebration as a church.

The church building

The 9.00am service will continue to meet in the church building every week. And our monthly service of Evensong is also staying in the church building. Prayers, baptisms, weddings, funerals and all kinds of other services will continue in the church building as well.

Journeying together

For the first few weeks there will be extra people welcoming, signposting and making sure we all know what is happening during our services in the new space. We will be discovering together what works really well and what needs to change a little to make the best use of the new facilities.

Some of us relish the opportunity to try something new. Others find change more challenging.  We will all need to take extra care of each other during this transition. And there will be opportunities to feedback about our experience of worshiping together in the new building.

We begin this exciting new phase of life at St Michael’s remembering that the church is not the building. It’s us – God’s people. Wherever we gather to worship, each one of us is a vital part of the body of Christ.