As a Church Family we love to celebrate those who have joined us over the last year. In fact, we are so glad you’re with us we want to throw a party for you!
If this is you – could you indicate that you are up for being “celebrated” when you sign up or contact the office.

Bring a bottle of your favourite drink, Phil & Karen Harrison’s Life Group will be organising the food. There will be, art, music & barn dancing with a caller – in the OSR, on the 2nd Feb, 7.00pm – 10.00pm.

If you’ve been part of St Michael’s Church family for more than a year and you’re coming to celebrate, could you sign up on the sheet at the back of Church or OSR or contact the Church Office 0117 969 2486  or

Entrance fee: £5per adult & £2.50 for each child. (Those new Church family members that we will be celebrating are exempt).
All welcome (including children).