Building work complete (in India, not Bristol)

The first building project funded by the Heart of the Community project is already complete. Whilst work is just beginning on our new church and community centre here in Bristol, our mission partners in India have just finished their project. 

The Faith Home is a charity which cares for children overcoming HIV/Aids. Their newly built girls’ dormitory will enable them to provide even more support for young HIV survivors. 

Ten percent of donations made by church members to the Heart of the Community project is being allocated to aid and outreach projects elsewhere in the UK and around the world. Our first donation has helped to pay for the building of the first floor of the new Faith Home dormitory at Adoni in southern India.

As well as speeches and the unveiling of a plaque, the completion of the new building was celebrated with a dance by young people who have been cared for and supported by the work of the Faith Home.

There’s more information about the mission work we support as church, both in Bristol and around the globe, on the Mission Action Group pages of this website.