Christmas 2019 Chosen


“I’d love to invite you to our Christmas celebrations, and pray that Christmas will bring an awareness that God has chosen you to be His friend. 

In the UK we are often overwhelmed with choice.  A recent BBC survey tested 900 different brands of Yoghurt for sugar levels!  No wonder food shopping takes so long! It is possible to be overwhelmed with choice.  The Bible carries some interesting perspectives on choice.  God chooses us as the focus for His love. The Christian story is not primarily one of religion it is the story of relationship. We aren’t the centre of the universe, but we are the centre of universal love. The Christmas story happened because God chose to come to the world. He chose to reveal himself. To show love in tangible, real ways. He chose to give Himself in the ultimate sacrifice, as he carried the brokenness of the world on his shoulders.

All of this means that we are free to choose. We can choose to say thanks for his love, we can choose to say sorry for our mistakes, we can choose to say please Jesus, come into my life When we choose Him, we choose life. We can choose Him, because He first chose us. May all your choices be blessed this Christmas time”

Reverend Canon Simon Jones

The church office closes at 1pm on Christmas Eve and reopens on Tuesday 31 December. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas.