Coffee Cups!

Would you like to save the world whilst raising funds for the Heart of the Community Project?

Of course you would!

We’re looking to purchase some re-usable coffee cups with the St Michael’s Heart of the Community Logo on them.

The idea is that you will buy one, and then bring it along to each service or celebration, where it will filled by our lovely refreshments team.

This initiative will enable us to use less disposable cups.

The cups have a 300ml (10oz) capacity, and so are slightly bigger than the disposable cups we currently use.

As with most things, it is cheaper to buy them in bulk, so we are looking to order and then sell 100 of them at £3.50 each. This will enable us to make a small profit for HOTC.

Before ordering, we would like to check that it will be worth going ahead.

If you are interested in purchasing a re-usable coffee cup, please contact Andy Mead before 31 May.

Feel free to buy them for your friends and family too! Andy is looking to place an order on Friday 1 June.