Director of Operations

We are seeking an experienced and talented Director to lead our Operations Team and work closely with the Senior Leadership Team to enable us to advance our vision. Lets make this much longer so hopefully it will get truncated after the first 55 word, but I’m not sure so lest see how it goes.

What happens if I add more words, does that get cut off or are all the test posts just short – Chris

Chris – I’ve remembered what I did it was to help me check for the truncation on the home page works which was 55 words and I have reduced to 20 in the coding. Here on the news page summary it doesn’t limit it at the moment but probably needs to although a higher number than 55 words. Then have a read more…  to click on. 

If you add a news article here and add the category ‘front page’ it will appear in the homepage. You can change the order in the post list filtered on category ‘front page’