Easing of government restrictions and what this means for St Michael’s

As we move into Step 4 of the government roadmap out of lockdown, the emphasis has moved onto more personal responsibility, and less on following government restrictions.

We must now decide how best to manage the risk to ourselves and others. Church of England guidance places this responsibility on the incumbent. So with this in mind, the leadership team (headed up by Simon as the incumbent) has carefully considered the options.

Whilst many of the previous legal requirements are now optional, it is felt that completely stopping them all would not be a responsible move. 

Therefore, from Sunday 25 July, and until we next update, the following applies:

 At all gatherings:

We expect and recommend the wearing of face coverings, especially when moving around, in poorly ventilated areas, and when singing.

Singing is allowed – but please wear a face covering whilst doing so.

 At all Sunday services and celebrations:

Pre-allocated seats will no longer be necessary. You can sit wherever you like. Be aware that some people may still wish to practice social distancing.

Bookings will no longer close on Friday morning. This means you can sign-up right until the start of the service/celebration.  You can even “sign-up” as you arrive. We must still keep a record of everyone who attends, for track and trace purposes.

Communion will still be taken in “one kind” only – meaning the clergy takes the wine on behalf of everyone.

Children and Youth groups should still book in as usual.

Revised risk assessments will be completed, for both St Michael’s Centre and the Church building.

As before, if you have covid symptoms, have been asked to self-isolate, or have tested positive for covid, please do not attend.

Our services and celebrations will still be live streamed, and you can find them on our youtube channel