Easter Saturday Reflection

I have been reminded this morning of a quote I came across (source unknown) many years ago that speaks of the significance of Holy Saturday:

“Ours is the long day’s journey of the Saturday…  Between suffering, aloneness, unutterable waste on the one hand and the dream of liberation, of rebirth on the other…  Holy Saturday is a timeless day, relevant to every era, threading its message through all our experiences of mourning, letting go and waiting… On Holy Saturday we experience the stripping away of all past certainties, the calling into question of all future promises.  After the drama of Good Friday, an immense silence descends upon the followers of Christ.  What next?  If we rush too quickly to the Resurrection, we miss the significance of that day of waiting, a day when faith is pushed to the extreme with nothing to sustain it.”

This quote struck me as being strangely relevant for us at this time, being as we are in a period of waiting – of waiting for life to begin to return to normal; of waiting for opportunities to begin to gather together again to worship; of waiting for all that we are missing and mourning at this time to be resurrected and brought back to life.

And so I pray for you in this holy season that the Lord will encourage, strengthen and give you peace in this time of waiting, knowing that just as Easter Sunday always follows Good Friday and Holy Saturday, so we will come through these testing times and experience the hope and joy of resurrection and new life in the days to come. 

Revd Canon Julie Bradley