Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll, the official list of all church members – is a kind of ‘census’ of everyone who belongs to the church.  It is a legal process to establish the membership and strength of every parish church in England. The Church Electoral Roll is revised each year.

Why should I be on the Electoral Roll?

It is a way of saying “I belong” – an act of commitment to the local church and to the church as a whole.

It also enables you to vote at the church’s annual meeting 19th April (the APCM).

Who can apply?
Anyone over the age of 16, is baptized and either lives in the parish, or has attended for more than six months.

If you are eligible to join, we would love to encourage you to sign up.  You can check if you live within parish boundaries by entering your postcode here

How do I sign up?

The form is available to download here, or copies are available in the reception of St Michael’s Centre.

Once you have completed the form, please place it in the box marked “Electoral Roll Revision” in St Michael’s Centre reception, or hand it in to the office  (we need to have the original signed copy of the form, rather than an emailed form please!)

All forms must be in by 22nd March.

Changes for existing members

If you’re already on the Electoral Roll and have changed your telephone number, e-mail address or name in the past year, we ask that you please complete the form as well (marking it ‘amendment’).

If you have any questions on this, please contact Laura in the office