Evening Worship

What time and where?

Our Next Evening Worship will be on Sunday 16 August

6:30pm Live Stream on youtube.  You can also find it on our live stream page. 

Followed by: Zoom chat for discussions, reflections and prayer until 7.30pm

What is Evening Worship?

Evening worship is a time for us to come together to worship, listen and reflect on short message, and then discuss it together on zoom.

Our vision for this service is that it contains four elements each week:

  • We want to build intimacy
  • Make space to worship God together
  • Have a time to reflect together
  • Make sure we pray together

We aim to allow space for intimacy through discussion together, in the same way we would at the pub after church on a Sunday evening.

One of the visions we had was what would it look like to do church round a campfire, and this is what we are aiming to create a space for.

A time for us to share stories, talk about life, its ups and downs, our walk with Jesus and how we can encourage each other to follow the way that Jesus lived.

Everyone is welcome to both parts of Evening Worship.

For the zoom chat under 18’s should be supervised and in the same room as their parents (for safeguarding reasons).  We’ll share the zoom chat details on and before the night.