10.30 Celebration



Please just turn up and join us in worship.
We currently still expect and recommend the wearing of face coverings. This service will also be live streamed via our youtube channel.

NHS QR code is available for those who wish to use track and trace (as is facility for who don’t have the app.)

The auditorium has very good ventilation and allows us a bit more flexibility. Therefore people may remove their masks once they are seated, if they would like to. Masks should still be worn when singing or moving around the building.  

This is a church altogether celebration accessible to all ages, and live streamed.


All Ages
The 10.30 is designed to be enjoyed by all ages, the first part of the service will be all together in the auditorium. Those booked into Bubbles, Kidz Club or Youth group will then go to the groups, whilst everyone else remains in the auditorium.  At the end of the service children are to be collected from their groups. 

We will aim to have a creche room available so that a parent/carer and use with their child. Please book a place as usual

Live stream
The service will also be live-streamed so that people at home can still take part. PLEASE NOTE this service is live-streamed, so if you are standing at any point in the service you may be seen.