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Happy New Year! Hope you had a nice break and lovely Christmas 🙂 

Hope you are well and have had a good week! Please find below the link for this weeks Club Sign up:

There have been some tweaks to the info below so please do have a read:

Club – Years 10-13
Cost: ÂŁ1 (paid on the door)

Info on the term: 
This term Club times are now 7:30-8:45pm as it was before COVID hit. We have extended the time so the whole session feels less rushed. We will also be charging a £1 for each session as we did before COVID. (If money is a problem please contact We also will be opening the tuck shop again (See details on tuck shop rules below)

Rules in place:
This term we will be introducing some new ground rules for Club to help everyone know where they stand and so we have a common understanding of how the club works 🙂

1) Respect the Leaders
2) Respect the building & equipment
3) Respect each other 

Nice and simple so they are easy to remember 🙂

When leaders see behaviour that doesn’t match up to these we will be giving strikes. 2 strikes in a session and we’ll ring parents/guardians at the end of the evening. 3 Strikes in a session and they will have to miss the following week. When they attend the week after that it will be a clean slate however if they get another 3 strikes in that session it will be a ban for the term sadly. 

We want to make Club a safe place for everyone involved and by following our simple 3 rules everyone should be able to have fun and be safe 🙂

COVID restrictions:
Sadly due to a lot of the COVID restrictions still being in place for Youth work and the number of rising cases we will be running Teen Central as we have for the past term. So a lot of our COVID restrictions are now very dependant on the size of our rooms and the air circulation.
Masks will need to be worn at all time when moving around within the centre corridors as the air circulation is worse. However when eating tuck or drinking in our auditorium masks can of course be removed.
The tuck shop will be open but we will be using gloves to serve and keeping the lids the tubs for all the times other than when getting sweets our of them. Masks will need to worn by both young people and the leaders serving the tuck so as to limit the potential spread. We ask that the young people buy their and bring it back to Club to eat it.
Sadly due to the capacity of the building and air circulation as well as safeguarding limits we are having to limit entry to 15 young people each night so will be doing a sign up each week which will go live at 5:30pm on Monday evenings. There will be capacity for one adult to book multiple tickets however we will still need parental consent and details should anything happen. 
So that our details are correct we will be sending out a link for a new school year sign up (this won’t sign your young person up for the following week) We want to make sure our details are up to date and so we can get hold of parents in case of an emergency.

Please don’t forget if you haven’t signed up for the year to do so via this link:

If you have any questions please get in contact with Sam at

Sam & the Youth Team