Everyone Counts Survey






This Sunday we will be taking part in the Church of England Everyone Counts Survey. Basically we will just be asking you complete a short paper survey, and to hand it back to the warden/sides person on duty. They will then return it to Laura in the  church office who is co-ordinating the responses.

More detailed information from the Church of England is below:


“This autumn churches across England will be asked to take part in a congregational survey and this church is taking part. Each person is asked to complete a short questionnaire, which takes about 2-3 minutes to complete.

This questionnaire asks you about how you identify yourself: age, gender, ethnic group and country of origin, and whether you have a long-term health problem or disability.  It also asks about how often you come to church and whether you have any additional roles within the church, or if you are visitor here today.

The way the questions are asked is based on the questions used in the government Census. That means we can compare your community in church with the national, regional and local populations. You might not feel that any of the categories fits you perfectly, but if possible please select the answer that describes you best. There is a ‘prefer not to say’ option if you don’t want to answer a question. Please answering by putting an X in the box.

Your responses will be taken in confidence. This means we won’t try to identify you personally based on your answers and we won’t share information about you individually. Your information is collected together with everyone else’s from your church and then stored anonymously. The analysis aggregates responses, which means that we report findings that cannot be directly linked back to a particular person to protect everyone’s privacy.

Findings from the survey will be returned to your church next year, as well as nationally and to your diocese. The results can help to understand who we are in our congregations, and help the church plan for growth, Mission and support. It helps to inform our understanding of congregations within our local communities, and can help plan for future needs and changes. “

To make sure that everyone’s information is linked to their church, the survey must have the church code included – our church code is 605083

As a church we have been asked to take part in the paper survey rather than the electronic survey.

More information can be found on the Everyone Counts webpage