Growing Leaders 2020

The Growing Leaders Course focuses on developing leaders across the life of the church, and provides practical resources for running a leadership development process.  Now used by hundreds of churches across Britain and the Republic of Ireland, Growing Leaders has been a part of the development of thousands of leaders.

This year we are running the course for those who are a part of St Michael’s.  It’s especially appropriate for  (although not limited to) those who are emerging as leaders and not yet in a leadership role.

The course will run over 6 monthly Saturday morning sessions in St Michael’s Centre. 

Each Saturday session starts at 9.45 with refreshments
and finishes at 12pm.

You can download an introductory leaflet here

More information on each session is also below

Saturday 9 May – Leadership Matters.
An introduction to why leadership matters. Jesus
included people in leadership, we will doing the same
Saturday 13 June – Establishing Identity & Disciplines.
Leadership is a challenge to our security. This session
will help us discover ‘who we are’ and ‘how we grow’.
Saturday 11 July – Clarifying the Call & Developing Character.
How to know if we’re ‘called’ to leadership and how our
character can grow in leadership.
Saturday 12 Sept – Discerning Direction & Developing other leaders.
Leaders ‘know’ where we’re going and release others into
leadership. Come and discover how!
Saturday 10 Oct -Leading with Others: Potential & Problems.
Leadership is always a ‘team effort’….but it’s not easy!
Saturday 14 Nov – The Cost of Leadership & Staying Fresh.
Leadership carries a ‘cost’, what is it? And how do we
‘stay fresh’ in our leadership?

The course isn’t just about the sessions though! please download the leaflet to read more before you sign up.

Please click here to sign-up.

If you have further questions please speak with Si, Tom, Sam or Caroline