Heart of the Community Project update

A big thank you to all who prayed and fasted last Sunday and Monday as a significant decision was made about the Heart of the Community project.    

The HOTC Steering Committee and DCC decided unanimously to sign a contract to develop the original option for the first phase. This includes developing the long North/South Barns with a new entrance lobby and 6 smaller meeting rooms. This requires a financial commitment of £2.7m  and we will go out to tender in early 2013, and hope that building can start in early summer.

If, as construction is under-way, we have managed to raise another £1.6m+ then the professional team can continue to fully design and sign a contract for the next phase without time pressure.

This first phase also includes the church toilets and our 10% missionary tithe to projects overseas and at home – with an emphasis on building/capital projects.