Heart of the Community Project update

Over the summer, work has been continuing (albeit with a few well-earned holidays in the middle) on the Heart of the Community project. 

Some highlights are: 

 The design for the new building has been slightly amended to include a more flexible and welcoming entrance space and more toilets upstairs on the balcony level.

 A new appeals sub-committee has been established to spearhead our external fundraising. It is a great advantage that we can clearly demonstrate to potential donors the commitment and generosity of the congregation in giving and pledging over £2 million. A series of external fundraising events are being planned for later this year and early next year.

We are making good progress on approaching our first 30 grant-making trusts with funding applications

The new St Michael’s Church website, with a separate section for the Heart of the Community project, is up and running. We need a couple more weeks to make sure everything is up to date and working and then it will go live

Don’t forget to put the last Friday of the month in your diaries for the Heart of the Community prayer meeting. 6.30am, followed by breakfast