Heart of the Community Project – Prayer and Fasting

There have been a number of project updates recently, which have given details of the project so far. We are fast approaching (in next 7 days) when final plans are submitted ready for tender. We, as a Church, want to make sure that our decisions are in line with God’s purposes. We specifically need to ensure the exact size and scope of the Barns development. There are many implications in all of this, not least that once the designs are put out to tender, we are committed to the size of project in the designs.

With this in mind, will you join the leadership in “fasting and praying” this weekend? We suggest a “fast” from Sunday 21st lunchtime until Monday 22nd evening. We would like to end Monday 22nd with a Church prayer meeting from   7-30pm until 9pm. Please “fast “and please come and join us as we pray for continued wisdom.