HOTC Project Update

HOTC Project Update – Following the magnificent response to the recent pledge day, it has been recommended that, for various reasons, the optimal way forward would be to complete the whole project as ‘one build’ – as opposed to a number of phases. Although no decision has yet been made, the Steering Group and the Old School Room Trustees are currently considering how this might be achieved.

We have been advised that the work could be “sectioned” into two phases. Phase One would be the demolition and reconstruction of the North-South Arched Barns and the East-West Frontage onto North Road, together with constructing the “shell” of the main worship centre. Phase Two would be the fitting out of the internal works to establish the worship centre for daily use.

The Old School Room Trustees have sanctioned further spending on professional fees in order to get the project to a stage of readiness whereby tenders for construction can go out in January 2013.

It is anticipated that contractors will be on site by 1st May 2013. In order to meet the three-year deadline to retain the planning permission, there needs to have been a “substantial commencement” of the work by 27th July 2013.

‘Green issues’ are also being discussed. The main auditorium will have a sedum roof, and although at the moment the plans for the remainder of the build are for ‘standard’ specification, this is under review