Immeasurably More Blessings

Last Sunday morning we started our sermon series on Ephesians entitled “Immeasurably more…” and we thought specifically about immeasurably more blessings.  Vicky highlighted the blessings from Ephesians 1 (from The Message version). Below is a reminder of them, as a bit of encouragement as we continue our theme.

  • He had us in mind
  • We are the focus of his love 
  • He makes us whole and holy by his love
  • He adopted us into his family
  • We can enter into the celebration of his lavish gift giving
  • We are free – abundantly free!
  • He thought of everything and provided for everything we need
  • In Christ we find out who we are and what we’re living for
  • He had his eye on us and had designs on us for glorious living
  • In Christ we find ourselves home free – signed, sealed and delivered by the Holy Spirit
  • God has planned a praising and glorious life