Talking to our young people webinar

A Kintsugi Hope event

How do we talk to our children and young people about war and it’s implications?

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Kintsugi Hope are putting on a 1 Hour Webinar on speaking to our young people about war. If you’re a parent, youth worker, teacher, grandparent or anyone else who’s interested in this discussion why not join us in your lunch hour at 1pm on the 18 March online for free to be part of this conversation.

  • How to deal with Second Hand Trama
  • The effects on our Mental Health
  • Teaching Resilience
  • Remaining Compassionate

Speakers – Patrick Regan OBE, Joel Harris & more guests to be added

Patrick Regan OBE and co-founder of Kintsugi Hope came about following a series of personal trials and ill-health affecting Patrick and his family. Prior to that, Patrick led urban youth work charity XLP, which he founded in 1996 and ran for 22 years. Patrick is also a parent to 4 children.

Joel Harris developed and oversees the youth & student work of the charity. He is passionate about helping his generation be freed from the shackles of poor mental health.

Olu Oyerinde: Is an experienced Child and Youth Mental Health Nurse.