Lent 2021: God’s Story, Our Story



This year we are recommending the Church of England’s Lent theme for 2021 #LiveLent: God’s Story, Our Story.

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Lent started with our Ash Wednesday Service on zoom. You can watch the sermon from that service on youtube here

The theme encourages us all  to think about our calling, how to share our faith and reflect on the difference Christ makes in our lives.  

We witness to God’s story – and the impact this has made to our story – so that others might also find their story taking on new meaning in the light of God’s love.

While the current restrictions on daily life present significant challenges, the suffering and isolation many face makes the need for us to share God’s love greater than ever.

Rather than just being a Lenten discipline, this year’s #LiveLent is a joyful invitation to make witness a normal part of the Christian life, the natural overflow of a life lived in devotion to Christ.  

From Ash Wednesday (17 February) to Easter Sunday (4 April), there will six reflections for each week. Each reflection will include a short passage from the Bible, a brief exploration of the reading, and a prayer.

On top of that, each week will have a unifying theme and an action to be taken during the week.  

The Live Lent theme is based on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book for 2021, Living His Story by Hannah Steele


Practising Silence

Life can be busy. So busy that it is difficult to find space and time to pray. And when we do find the time, our minds can be so cluttered with Twitter feeds, distractions and to-do lists that the prospect of spending time in silence seems daunting.

In our hyper-stimulated world, we long to ‘practice the presence of God’ but more often than not ‘practice the presence of distraction’.

To help us during Lent, Tom will be holding 4 evening sessions on zoom.

Is this for me? Whatever your spirituality or worshipping preference, chorus or choral, incense or stadium haze, hands clasped or hands aloft, the way of Jesus necessitates times of silence and solitude.

This is an opportunity to learn together, develop simple ways to help us remain in a place of stillness, and ultimately deepen our relationship with God during Lent and beyond.


St Michael’s Lent Facebook Group

A digital space for us to gather during Lent.

We’ll post the daily reflections, and have short facebook live moments from the team.

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