Life Groups Sign-up Sundays

Life groups are – as their name suggests – the life blood of the church. They are where we can all build strong relationships with one another, take care of one another, disciple one another, feed one another (in all sorts of different ways) and all sorts of “one another” things. In a growing church it is vital that we all have a smaller group to be part of where we can bless and be blessed – and life groups are the perfect place.

Everyone needs to sign up (even if you are currently in a life group)

Sunday 8 – Sunday 15 September

Old School Rooms Main Hall

On Sunday 8th and Sunday 15th September we all have the chance to sign up for a life group.  If you are not in one, do sign up for one (you will not regret it!).  If you are in one already, you will need to resign up as we are having a completely fresh start: no-one is allocated a group already. You can sign up for the same one, or have a completely fresh start in a new group – it is up to you. Please sign up in the main hall of the Old School Rooms on Sunday 8th or 15th, or during the week in between.  

If you have any further questions please speak to Tracy at the church office on 0117 969 2486.