Marriage Preparation

St Michael’s Church runs a series of five evenings designed to equip couples getting married with the tools to build strong foundations in their marriages.

The marriage preparation course usually runs once a year, starting in January or February.  We meet in the Old School Rooms Coffee Shop.

The evening begins with an informal meal, shared with other couples, at 7pm.  The formal input begins at 7.30pm and is based on a series of short talks from Nicky and Sila Lee and real-life stories from a range of married couples on DVD.

A few times throughout each evening we break into our couples to work through simple discussion exercises (there is no requirement to discuss anything with anyone else).  The evening concludes with live input from the course leaders.

The marriage preparation course provides some great tools to help couples develop the art of communication, learn how to resolve conflict, understand the impact of family background and generally how to lay strong foundations for marriage.

There are also some practical resources suggested for the marriage ceremony itself.

If you are interested in getting married at St Michael’s or your would like to register for the marriage preparation course, please contact us


Couples planning to get married


The Old School Rooms Coffee Shop, The Green, Stoke Gifford


We run a  course each year – please contact us to find out when our next course is running.

How much

The marriage preparation course is free. Some people choose to make a contribution towards the cost of dinner and wine.

What people say

“The session on good communication was really eye-opening.”

“It really made us think about marriage at a deeper level – I’m not sure we’d have addressed many of the issues if we hadn’t been on the course.”

“The course is a fantastic insight into the most spiritual and personal union between two people and how to make it last!”