Faith Home for Children

We support Faith Home for Children overcoming HIV and AIDS, in Adoni. Our link person in India is Rev Dr Daniel Premkumar, who started the Faith Home in 2008; his niece is Jemima Suchitra, a member of St Michael’s Church.

The children are given love and care, a special diet and schooling. Funding from St Michael’s Church is used for the salary of a warden/nurse, who provides care for the children at Faith Home. Our funding also helps to provide medications and supplementary food for the children. HOTC tithe funds from St Michael’s have contributed towards the building of a girls’ dormitory and a second building, which houses a boys’ dormitory,  a kitchen and a dining hall for all the children.

Mission Updates

Update December 2019

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Update December 2018

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Update 2017

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Update 2015

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