The Mission Action Group supports the work of Lynne Knight, Director, Family Impact, Africa.

The vision and passion of Family Impact is to reach people across Africa with the message that a strong family can transform the life of a child, can restore a marriage and can bring communities together who have been impacted by war.

Lynne and participants in a marriage course


Lynne running the Marriage Course

Lynne has travelled to 9 countries* in Africa, each of which has an FI Board, where she delivers Alpha courses, the Marriage Course (MC101) and training to fulfill the vision.

She is constantly challenged to find ways to meet the needs particularly of the younger generation and to find partners globally who are willing to buy into this vision.

Thousands of people are reached each year with FI programmes across Africa, through churches, local community leaders, government departments, schools and individuals.

*The 9 countries are Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa

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