Mission Partner Focus for December

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SIITA Nest Mother’s Love Home is a ‘Community Based Organisation’ in Uganda caring for orphans and vulnerable children. It manages a boarding home for 40 children who attend the SIITA Nest Nursery and Primary school in Bugembe, near Jinja. It also provides support to many other children in the community, both in Bugembe and in the Sironko District in East Uganda


St Michael’s Church has had a link with SIITA Nest and its founder, Alice Kisolo, since 2000. We funded the purchase of land in Bugembe and contributed to the construction of the first two buildings and the site boundary wall in 2002-2004.

Since then, through both the Mission Action Group and individual donations, St Michael’s has supported up to 25 children each year (school fees, uniforms, study materials, food and medicines). These have included primary and secondary children and a few tertiary and professional students. We have also provided help towards the running costs of the Home in Bugembe.

In 2016 SIITA Nest set up a Nursery and early years Primary school. It was “started in faith while believing God for provision”. This was the first move towards a long held vision to provide education for both its own children (thus saving school fees) and children from the local community.

A new school building was opened In October 2018. There were 66 children enrolled that year, which increased to 162 by the end of 2019. It is planned that there will be 300 children by 2021 when all primary years are covered.

Celebration at the SIITA Nest school


Uganda locked down early and managed to keep Coronavirus levels low for several months, but this has been very hard on the population, with food shortages and many family breakdowns. The younger children in Bugembe have been learning at the Home with members of the team, led by a teacher who was a former SIITA Nest child. Those preparing for national exams have received additional help from some of the SIITA Nest school teachers who have been coming to the Home.

Some of the children who have had to return to their wider family relatives in Sironko have been learning from ‘radio lessons’ – there has been a national initiative to distribute free radios to families as part of a ‘long-distance education programme’ while schools were closed.

Since September the number of Coronavirus cases has been rising. Alice reports that “since it has spread into communities, the government has declared that it can no longer manage the situation, so now it is about survival of the fittest.”    Recent communications indicate that hospitals are being ‘overwhelmed’. In the last week Alice has emailed to say some of the children have been sick [with Covid] and “others have signs”. She asks “Pray with us to come out of the situation.”

SIITA Heart of the Community Centre in Sironko district

A grant from St Michael’s Heart of the Community tithe fund has been used to develop a multi- purpose community and resource centre in the Sironko district. The aim of this Christian ministry is to promote education and skills development among orphans and disadvantaged young people. The main building is now complete, external walls rendered, windows fitted and gutters in place. The electrics have recently been installed and internal plastering is underway. Watch this space!

Prayer points

  1. Thanks for our link and God’s amazing provision for SIITA Nest over the last 20 years
  2. That SIITA Nest can obtain the necessary supplies to keep the Home and school operating.
  3. For new regular donors and support, particularly for food, education and welfare costs, and for the completion and development of the SIITA Heart of the Community project.
  4. For God’s protection and the good health of the SIITA Nest team and the children at this time.


Mission Action Group Link:  Alan Crofts   

SIITA Nest website: https://siitanestmotherslovehome.org