Mission Partner Focus for June

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  • UNiViDA runs a Christian educational project serving 260 children age 7-14 in the slums of Fortaleza, Brazil.
  • They offer 20 hours of education / child / week.
  • The project has 35 years of experience in the community and is well respected. It began by working with street children (featured by Steve Chalke, Founder of Oasis) but transitioned to become more preventative, helping children and their fami-lies stay together.
  • The project is called ‘Universidade da Vida’ and offers daily nutritional food, clean water and classroom education. In ad-dition, music, dance, drama, IT and PE are offered to engage children in learning and help them discover their many talents.
  • Thanks to support from St Michaels in 2019, the project has been able to renovate a classroom and purchase a new vehi-cle for daily errands including buying food. Most recently St Michaels has helped buy food aid for families left destitute because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Prayer Needs for UNiViDA

  • For the slums (favelas) of Brazil; environments of poverty, lawless-ness, disease, violence and injustice. Homes in the slums are un-healthy and overcrowded. Coronavirus has spread rapidly in Fortaleza during the rainy season where other diseases like dengue fever were already rampant. Social distancing in a favela is an oxymoron, multiple generations live in the same home and people live hand to mouth relying on daily cash payments from informal work. Pray for health, strength for families, protection and peace.
  • Children who usually spend their time at the project have been stuck at home for two months now. Pray that they continue to engage with UNiViDA’s online classes and experience God’s peace in their hearts at this difficult time.
  • For the government of Brazil, for political cooperation and an end to corruption.
  • For UNiViDA’s leaders, staff and teachers who are working at home. Pray for health, vision, steadfast faith, provision & strength.