Outreach and fighting poverty – three new donations

One of the key ambitions of the Heart of the Community project is to support outreach work and organisations that fight poverty in the UK and around the world. We have recently awarded funding of £15,000 to each of three very worthwhile activities; one in Brazil and two much closer to home.


We are supporting Univida’s ‘University of Life’ in a favela (slum area) of Fortaleza, in North East Brazil.

Univida provides education and support to over 250 children each day. They are building a multi-purpose community centre in the heart of the favela to offer greater facilities, as well as a place to meet in a community that has nothing else like it.


Network is a well established professional provider of affordable counselling and training in the Bristol area. Our donation will help to refurbish a 17th century farmhouse as a more suitable centre of their operations.


Emmaus is an international charity that provides work, support and a home for formerly homeless people. We are helping to pay for the development of ten new ‘incubator’ units where formerly homeless people are supported to set up their own businesses here in Bristol.

Our donations to these three charities are given from a 10% tithe of the gifts made by church members to the Heart of the Community project.