Psalm Psnippets

It’s so important for us to see the faces and hear the voices of others in our church community during lockdown

As we begin a new year, and our new sermon series Psalms for People Under Pressure, we want to hear from you!

What short snippet (or psnippet – see what we did there?!) of a psalm has impacted you in your Christian life? 10 seconds might be pushing it a bit, put try and keep it as short as you can so we can include lots of lovely people!

We would love it if you could record a short video clip of you reading a verse or two, plus a sentance as to why you’ve chosen it,  and send to us using this link.

10 Tips for recording your video can be downloaded here, but in short, please:

 – Film in landscape
–  Make sure there’s enough light on your face
 – Keep your face in the top half of the screen
 – Make sure your voice can be heard clearly
 – Keep the camera still
 – Position the camera high enough

Once your  video is ready please Click here to upload