Soul Survivor

Every year the St Michael’s Youth Team head up a trip to Soul Survivor.  But what’s it all about? We thought it would be great to find out and get some feedback, so we’ve asked a couple of our youth  – Jess Mead and George Wicks – to tell us more:


George says:

“Soul survivor is a camping festival designed to encourage, equip and empower young people in their relationship with Jesus. There are various seminars and activities throughout the festival, and two meetings each day for the five days. There are times of brilliantly intense but meaningful worship, as well as powerful prayer ministry, profound sermons, and other things that strengthen one’s relationship with Jesus.

I personally really enjoyed Soul Survivor for three main reasons. Firstly, there are so many opportunities to personally meet with God, and see the amazing things he is doing in the world, and  at soul survivor. Secondly, there is such an atmosphere of friendliness. Wherever you go there are people smiling, and no-one seems to be a stranger. Finally, camping in a cold field with your youth group is amazing fun. All the spare time was great; just chatting to friends and playing games. I will definitely go again next year and would recommend it to anyone considering coming with us”


And Jess reports:

“Soul Survivor is where 6,500 people (mainly youth) gather to celebrate and learn about the love and grace of God. There was around 20 people from St Michaels who went on Week C. The week is filled with electric worship, reflective prayer and insightful seminars. There is also opportunity to strengthen relationships inside your youth group with cafes, football matches and parties to visit. The whole experience can be quite intense but it truly does develop your faith and change your perspective on God and his church. Some of my favourite aspects of Soul Survivor 2016 included the worship, spending time with friends and seeing Gods work in me and everyone else in the Big Top. Soul Survivor helps me to grow my relationship with God but it also equips me for the journey of seeking God after the week is over and you go back home. “


It sounds like it was a great week!

Some of St Mike’s Youth at Soul Survivor 2016