Sunday Club Registration

Safety and safeguarding is a priority at St Michael’s, and with this in mind we have reviewed our registration process for Sunday Club.

All children attending Club on a Sunday morning, will need to be registered after the first part of the 10.30 Celebration, instead of on arrival.

Parents/Carers of children attending Bubbles, Splash, Xstream and Pathfinders will now need to take their child/children to the correct room and sign them in. 

A leader of each group will welcome you, and have the register available. As soon as the main celebration in the Auditorium is finished, please come to collect your child and sign them out. 

We will not allow children to go off by themselves.

This new process will start on Sunday 8 September, and any children moving groups will also start on Sunday 8 September.

Ages for groups are: 

Creche 0-2 and half,

Bubbles 2 and half up to Reception,

Splash School years 1 & 2,

 X stream school years 3 & 4,

Pathfinders school years 5 & 6.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on this, so please do get in touch