Supporting inHope this Sunday

The theme for our morning worship this Sunday 29 August is The Greatest Gift for the Poor, looking at Matthew 5:1-12.

We would love to express Jesus’ heart for the poor in a practical way.

One of our mission partners is inHope, they serve some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in Bristol. Therefore this Sunday we are inviting everyone to bring some of the following items to pass on to  inHope, which they need to carry out their work.

  • Sleeping bags (new and unused)
  • Clothing (new and unused – such as tshirts, underwear etc)
  • Toiletries (such as deodorant and shower gel)
  • Tea, coffee, sugar, UHT Milk (unused and in date)
  • Spices and condiments (unused and in date)

Please bring this along to church on Sunday (whether in the church building or auditorium) and we’ll make sure everything is delivered to inHope.

To donate financially to inHope head to their website donations page here