Church Office


As you will probably be aware, the church office has now relocated to the new church centre.

However, the building itself is still very much a building site, and is still under control and responsbility of Bray & Slaughter.

So for everyone’s health and safety we need to limit the number of people who come to the office.

If you need to contact Laura, Dave or Caroline over the next few weeks – if possible please do so via email or telephone.   

Thank you very much for bearing with us during this time.

Office Move

This weekend, the Church Admin Office moves from it’s existing location in the Old School Rooms, to it’s new location at the front of the new Church centre.   This early move is to enable the builders to turn the old office into a corridor.

We also have a new phone system in place, which should make it easier for you to contact the right people and/or leave a message. Our telephone number remains the same. And you can still contact us via email.  Please bear with us whilst we settle into our new “home” and sort out the logistics of keeping everything running smoothly!