Ten Second Testimonies

It’s important for us to feel connected and share the good things that are happening. That’s why we’ve started a new video series called Ten Second Testimonies: one thing that has given you hope or encouragement that you are thankful to God for.  

This could be:

  • an example of an answer to prayer
  • an expression of thankfulness to God for his provision
  • an experience of God’s blessing

The fun challenge is expressing it in a mere 10 seconds!

It may help to write it down before you record yourself, and have a timer to hand!

Some examples:

  • I’ve been praying for an opportunity to talk to my friend about my faith – yesterday they told me they had watched an online service!
  • God has taught me that even though I am physically separated from my family and friends – I am a key part of the body of Christ and I am not on my own.
  • Sleep has been difficult for me in recent days – my Life Group prayed for me over Zoom and I had a great night’s sleep last night – thank you Lord!

Our hope is these ten second testimonies will be a great encouragement to everyone who sees them.    

We would love it if you could record a 10 second video clip and send to us using this link

10 Tips for recording your video can be downloaded here, but in short, please:

 – Film in landscape
–  Make sure there’s enough light on your face
 – Keep your face in the top half of the screen
 – Make sure your voice can be heard clearly
 – Keep the camera still
 – Position the camera high enough

Once your 10 second video is ready please Click here to upload