A new point of view

Our historic church building returned to the skyline of Stoke Gifford this week, as the overgrown pine trees were felled from around the perimeter of the church yard.

The tree clearance was needed to save further damage to grave stones and the boundary walling. It also means the church will enjoy more sunlight and become a more visible landmark in the area once again. The open view is particularly striking from Parkway Station.

The church fabric committee has secured an agreement with First Great Western to plant a double row beech hedge on their land between the church boundary wall and their car park. Within a 3 to 5 year period there will be secure, attractive hedging shielding our view of the car park but still allowing rail passengers to see the church.

This is one of several fabric committee projects under way at the moment, including work on the church tower, the roof (the leak has been fixed) and re-painting inside the church building. Comments, ideas and questions are welcomed by the committee, which is chaired by Mike Peacey.