Vision and Strategy

Following prayer, discernment and discussion, our new vision and strategy is now available.  The full documents can be downloaded below.

They underpin our development plans, and provide a focus and structure for our plans to achieve and implement our vision.

Learning and Growing Together

• Strengthen how we learn to follow Jesus

• Grow more like Him through fellowship, prayer and Bible study.

• Multiply Life Groups

Sharing Jesus Together

• Improve how we reach people by sharing the good news of Jesus with those we live and work with.

• Build on our welcome and support for UWE students, and other students and young adults.

• Provide for the expanding population in Stoke Gifford, Stoke Park, Cheswick, Scholar’s Chase and Harry Stoke.

• Working with our Mission Partners to enable evangelism in the UK and abroad.

Serving Together

• Discover what our God-given gifts and talents are and encourage each other to use them in a variety of ways that generate goodwill, community regeneration and evangelism.

• Resource how we release people to serve, support and grow the Kingdom

• Bless and encourage projects that serve communities both through our own work and through our Mission Partners.