What shall we do for Half Term?

Well one family decided to set themselves a challenge. Dave, Sarah and their three boys embarked on a 5 day challenge to raise money for the homeless. It came about after the  family got talking around tackling issues of homelessness, and the role of Crisis Centre Ministries. Over the week they bounced for 4 hours, cycled 100km, walked 50k, ran 25k and swam 5k. This was a combined effort where everyone’s contribution was accumulated to reach the final target. Each of the boys aged 5, 8 and 10 did as much as they could and Dave & Sarah made up the difference. All the boys joined in and Dave admits that his share was less than he was expecting. Sarah set herself an addition challenge of living on just as much food as she could buy for £1 per day. And like those on the streets she found that her pound did not go as far as she thought it would, meaning that as the week progressed her energy levels sank.

The whole family were involved and putting their challenge up on the CCM fundraising page gave them the additional aim of raising funds for people on the streets.   You can still donate here