You can come along in-person, or join in with worship online.

The evening celebration at St Michael’s is usually the most informal and imaginative of our regular worship services. The 6.30 service is held in the auditorium of the St Michael’s Centre. Congregation members come from all walks of life, including those who find it hard to get up on Sunday mornings.

Worship is led by a band and new songs are very often given a test drive at the 6.30pm celebration.

The teaching comes from a wider variety of speakers and frequently explores quite challenging and stimulating subjects.

As with all our services at St Michael’s, the evening celebration includes the opportunity for anyone to receive prayer. It’s not unusual for there to be an extended time of ministry at the 6.30 celebration, when we allow more time and space to listen, to pray for one another and to receive God’s blessing.

We share communion together at the 6.30pm service on the first Sunday of the month.