Heart of the Community


A word was shared by one of the attendees at the Heart of the Community Prayer Breakfast last Friday:


The realisation that “this could all go wrong” drove us to pray with a special sense of urgency.

Now the building work has been paused, we don’t have that sense of risk. But the unfinished balcony in the St Michael’s Centre reminds us that the work is not complete. More importantly, the work of building the Kingdom of God is not complete.


We have said all along that “the project” was not just about buildings, so let our prayers be guided by these thoughts…


We have a large and growing mission field on our doorstep.

We are surrounded by people who need Jesus.

We are surrounded by churches that need help to capture their vision – and to grow.

We cannot relax.

We cannot be complacent.

We cannot stop here.


Thank God for a period of rest – especially for those who carried the brunt of the project so far.

But, as we head into the autumn period,  it’s time to recover our sense of urgency…


Pray that the unfinished “resources” of the Heart of the Community project (Church building, Old School Rooms refurb, St Michael’s Centre, 10% tithe) will become necessary.

Pray that we will fulfil our calling completely. Pray as those who are prepared to take risks for God.  If we don’t do it, who will?