Each Sunday we meet to worship God and spend time with other members of the congregation.
We meet at least three times each Sunday, with Evensong once a month.

Our three main services all streamed online and we would love for you to join us either on person or on Youtube.

The Nine-O-Clock

Our first service on Sunday mornings at St Michael’s is mostly traditional in its style, with more hymns and spoken liturgy than at our contemporary services later in the day. We gather in our historic church building at 9.00 am.

Morning Prayer
On the first Sunday of each month, the 9 o’clock service is Morning Prayer. This is a simple time of worship, with hymns, prayers, bible readings and a sermon.

The 9 o’clock service on all other Sundays each month includes communion. We welcome all who know and love the Lord to share bread and wine in remembrance of Christ’s death and resurrection.
At all our services there is the opportunity for anyone to receive prayer, for themselves or any other concerns.
The 9 o’clock service is usually finished soon after 10.00 am and we then meet for coffee and conversation in St Michael’s Center on the other side of the green. This also provides an opportunity to meet and chat with those arriving for the 10.30 am service.

The Ten Thirty

At 10.30 every Sunday morning we hold a more contemporary worship service for all ages. Worship is led by a live band. This is our most popular service for families with children. We meet in the large auditorium of the St Michael’s Centre.

After about 20 minutes the grown-ups remain in the auditorium for more worship, teaching and prayer together. The young people gather in the St Michael’s Centre for creative fun, activities and learning in their different age groups. A creche is also provided for those with very small children.
There are discussion and activity groups for teenagers too.

Once a month we share communion all together as a church family. And once a month communion is shared among the adults, whilst the young people are in their groups. The service leaders guide us through the simple act of sharing of bread and wine, with clear explanations for everyone to follow. There is always non-alcoholic wine or juice, and gluten-free bread available for those who need it.

At all our services there will be an opportunity for anyone to receive prayer, for themselves or for anything else that concerns them.

The 10.30 service is usually finished shortly before 12 midday, and we share tea, coffee, squash, biscuits and conversation afterwards

The Six Thirty

The evening celebration at St Michael’s is usually the most informal and imaginative of our regular worship services. The 6.30 service is held in the auditorium of the St Michael’s Centre. Congregation members come from all walks of life, including those who find it hard to get up on Sunday mornings.
Worship is led by a band and new songs are very often given a test drive at the 6.30pm celebration.

The teaching comes from a wider variety of speakers and frequently explores quite challenging and stimulating subjects.
As with all our services at St Michael’s, the evening celebration includes the opportunity for anyone to receive prayer. It’s not unusual for there to be an extended time of ministry at the 6.30 celebration, when we allow more time and space to listen, to pray for one another and to receive God’s blessing.

We share communion together at the 6.30pm service on the first Sunday of the month.


On the first Sunday of each month the traditional Anglican service of Evensong is held in the church building at 5.00pm.

This is a simple act of worship, with spoken liturgy, Bible reading, hymns and a sermon.
This service is in-person only, and is not live-streamed.

As at all our services, there is the opportunity for anyone to be prayed for about any concerns at all.