Ruslan and Larisa Telpiz live in Gotesti, a village in Moldova, which is a small country in Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, with very little paid work available and many people are leaving the country in search of work.

Ruslan is the Pastor of the Baptist Church in Gotesti and currently also of the Baptist Church in the adjacent village, Chircani. His ministry includes leading Sunday services, preaching, baptisms, pastoral care and discipleship of church members. He is also involved in outreach and evangelism in these villages and the surrounding areas. In addition, Ruslan is leading youth work in both villages.

Larisa runs the Day Care Centre for vulnerable children. This is an after-school ministry held in Gotesti Church, which provides food, games, Bible stories and help with school work, in a caring and supportive environment. Larisa also supervises the Sunday School.

Members of St Michael’s Church regularly visit Gotesti and Chircani, going on pastoral visits to people in their homes and encouraging the church members and leaders. Teams have also helped to run several children’s summer day camps over the years. 2019 is the 10th year of the link between St Michael’s Church, Ruslan & Larisa and Gotesti Baptist Church.

The 20th anniversary of the opening of Gotesti Church was celebrated in August 2019. A large sign has been erected on the outside of the church, saying (in Romanian) – For 20 years: worshipping God and serving the people.

Inside the church: Bible verse for 20th anniversary saying “Thus far has the Lord helped us” 1 Samuel 7:12. Number ‘20’ – made up of photos of church events and people over the past 20 years.

Tree of life, with Jesus Christ (Isus Hristos) at the base – each leaf shows the name of a member of the church.

A full church for the celebration service for the 20th anniversary, held on Sunday 11 August 2019, which included baptisms.

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