Single Friendly Church

We have recently completed an audit with the organisation Single Friendly Church, and we are pleased to say that we are now officially listed as a Single Friendly Church.  You can see our certificate here

The audit has helped leadership at St Michael’s to

  • Increase awareness and understanding of what a Single Friendly Church looks like.
  • Recognise what we are already doing well.
  • Identify areas that need further thought or action taking.

As a Single Friendly Church we looked at 5 steps to ensure a welcoming presence to single people:

The 5 Steps

  1. Who is single?
  2. Language
  3. Welcome
  4. Teaching
  5. Leadership

We may not be there yet with all of these steps, but we are committed to working towards them

In August 2021 we ran a course, especially for Christian singles called Securely Single.  For more info click here. If you would be interested in attending the course in the future please get in touch.